What is the minimum withdrawal amount? Is there a withdrawal fee?

The minimum amount to request a withdrawal is 1000 Coins for most of the cryptocurrencies supported, but there may be slight variations for some cryptocurrencies available eg. Bitcoin, Polygon, Tron all requires a little bit more.

The amount of coins you withdraw will be converted into your selected cryptocurrency upon requesting a withdrawal. You will also find more information on the withdrawal page of your selected cryptocurrency when carrying out the process.

What about withdrawal fees? Is it applicable?

Yes. There will be a withdrawal fee for every withdrawal you initiate. However, the fees are highly negligible (practically free!). The withdrawal fee is 50 Coins for most cryptocurrencies supported.

For Bitcoin (BTC)Tron (TRX), Polygon (MATIC), Binance Smart Chain (BSC)and Ethereum Classic (ETC), the fee could be higher... but not much. This fee amount will be deducted from your total withdrawn amount, and the remaining balance will be sent to your wallet address as your withdrawal.

All the respective information (ie. minimum withdrawal amount, applicable withdrawal fee and how much crypto you'll receive) will be shown on the withdrawal page and on the 1st step (like in the image below) right before you initiate the withdrawal process.

Note: These values may be subject to changes in future and without prior notice. Reaching your daily withdraw limit before requesting a withdrawal will save you on withdrawal fees

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