What are Items and how do I get them?

Item are objects you can get when completing tasks on Faucet Crypto, and are used to boost various features on the website. Much like RPG games where you can collect items to boost your in-game play, the same idea is also applicable here: you can randomly get Items when completing tasks or simply buy one from the Market with Coins.

There are 5 Item types (with different rarities and use-cases). They include:

  • Potion
  • Bracelet
  • Silver Ring
  • Gold Ring
  • Gem

What specific features of the website do Items boost?

Items are a great way to boost your earnings when you do tasks. They can be used to get extra percent bonuses on the tasks that you complete, increase the commissions you earn from your referrals' activity, boost your chances of getting more Items, as well as help you level up fast.

I do not need an Item. How do I get rid of it?

In a situation where you do not need an Item you get for any reason, you can sell the said Item in the Market to get more Coins instead. To learn how to sell an Item, please read this guide.

Tip: You can click on or hover your mouse over an Item in your Inventory in other to display its specific description & effect

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