How to sell Items and/or cancel a sell order?

Selling your Items is another cool way of earning coins on Faucet Crypto. To sell your items, you must open an order in the Items Market for users to fill the order (in other words, for users to buy your Item or Items).

To place/sell your Items in the Market, please follow the step-by-step guide below. As an illustration in this guide, we'll be selling a Commission Bracelet.

  1. Login to your Account

  1. Scroll down the left-side menu to the COMMUNITY section, and click on the Items Market option/page under it 

  1. At the Items Market page, scroll down to find your available Items in a box as shown in the image below. Click on the specific item you want to sell (in this illustration, we'll be selling a Rare Commission Bracelet)

  1. A small window with more information will pop up. Read the information carefully. Fill in the Amount/Number of items you want to sell, input the Final price of your choice, and click on "Put to sell"

Hurray! You have just successfully placed your Item on the Market for sell. Now you have to wait for other users to buy the Item. How much time it takes for your Item to be bought by other users is dependent on the price offer.

How to cancel a Sell order

To cancel a Sell Order — if you change your mind about selling an Item perhaps — simply scroll down the Market page to the bottom to find your Items which are placed on the Market for sell. They will be listed in a table titled "Selling List". Slide the table across and click on "Cancel" for the specific item of which you want to cancel it's sell order

Tip: The cheaper the price, the faster your Item could get bought. You can view the base price of any Item in the marketplace to set your price.

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