How to buy Items from the Market?

This is pretty straightforward as the same steps in the previous guide about selling your item. The difference is that now you're buying from the Market. To buy items from the market, please follow the step-by-step guide below.

As an illustration in this guide, we'll be buying a Rare Commission Gold Ring.

  1. Login to your Account

  1. Scroll down the left-side menu to the COMMUNITY section, and click on the Items Market option/page under it 

  1. As the page opens, scroll down to find the "Items Market" box and click on the type of item you want to buy. In this guide, we'll be buying a Commission Gold Ring, and thus we'll click on "Gold Ring"

  1. Once the Gold Ring Market category page opens, scroll down to find the Commission Gold Ring box in the list of various Gold Ring Item types; then click on the rarity of Commission Gold Ring you want to buy (in this guide, we'll be buying a Rare Commission Gold Ring)

  1. Once you've selected the rarity type, you can buy in Bulk by inputting the number of items you want to buy at once, or scroll down and select a single order

  1. If you select a single order, a small window with more information will pop up (as shown in the image below). Read the information carefully and click on "Buy Item" to buy it

Hurray! You've successfully bought an Item from the Market. The Item will automatically be added to your Inventory and can be used or resold.

Tip: The higher the rarity of an Item, the greater its effect

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