I completed an offer, but I didn't receive the coins?

Offerwalls are third-party services. We do not control the contents or tasks available on offerwall pages, and as such, we cannot influence the payout process.

However, before carrying out any offerwall task, please carefully read and follow the instructions provided to complete the task. Answer honestly — there are no right or wrong answers. If you don't qualify, try another one if available. It might be you are not the target audience/participant the offer provider is looking for.

Do not try to cheat or give gibberish answers. There are checks put in place by the offerwall services/survey providers to analyze your answers. You will not receive your reward if you try to cheat or supply gibberish answers.

In a case where you complete an offer/survey successfully, yet you do not receive the reward, please take note of the following in order to get the reward:

  • Offerwall tasks can take between seconds, minutes or up to 3 days to receive your coins. After completing an offer and redirected back to our website, you may refresh the page to find a notification of your received reward. You'll find a typical notification message at the notification icon in the top-right corner of your Dashboard, as shown in the image below:

  • If you do not see such notification yet, check your Task History section in the Offerwall page on our website to confirm the reward is currently "pending" and on the way to be credited.

(Typically, if the reward for a task/survey done from an Offerwall is above 6250 Coins, it will be held/pending for 24 hours before being credited to your account).

  • Wait up to 72 hours (3 days). If after 3 days you do not receive your coins, please proceed over to the specific offerwall's website. Locate the contact section of the provider in order to get in touch with their support team to look into your case/payment.

Tip: It is important that you keep a screenshot of any offer you may have completed as you may be required to provide proof of completion when applying for your case/payment to be looked into

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